Jesh 3D render

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Jigjiga Export Slaughter House Plc. (JESH), is establishing an industrial complex with an initial capital of USD6.1 million, and is to commence operations in January 2015. The Ethiopian Somali Regional State, where JESH project is located has the largest animal population in Ethiopia, estimated at 23.76 million cattle (48% of the national cattle population), 16.01 million sheep (64% of the national sheep population), 9.4 million goats (43% of national goat population) and 1.25 million camels (43% of national camel population).

JESH PLC is establishing an international-standard abattoir and livestock fattening facility. For this purpose, JESH PLC acquired 335 ha of farmland at Faafan village, about 40km west of Jigjiga, off the Babile -Jigjiga Highway, for this purpose and is currently in the construction and startup phase of the plant.


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