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JESH PLC Abattoir – Under Construction

JESH PLC was established to construct and operate an international standard-abattoir that will serve the pastoral communities of the lowland areas of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. JESH will also be fattening livestock for slaughter and for live export and growing the best fodder for this purpose. Our objective is to lift many local people out of poverty by providing reliable market for their livestock.

 JESH is located at the beautiful Faafan Valley, about 40km from the Regional Capital City of the Ethiopian Somali Regional State.

Construction phase started in September 2012 with the foundation of the plant. The construction of the buildings and infrastructure is expected to be completed by July 2013 and the first shipment of meat is expected to commence by early September, 2013. At full production capacity, JESH PLC will be holding animal stock of over 30,000 sheep and goats and over 1,000 cattle and will be slaughtering 2000 small stock and 200 cattle per shift. We expect to export about 15 MT of chilled sheep and goat meat and about 20 MT frozen deboned red meat per day. JESH PLC has hosted visitors from Ethiopia, Kenya, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Angola, Oman, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt for this purpose and signed MOU with potential buyers.

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