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The Project

The project seeks to establish a new slaughterhouse in the village of Faafan in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia that is planned to process meat specifically for export to the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries. The Proposed meat processing plant has a throughput of 200 large ruminants (cattle and calves) and 2000 small ruminants (sheep and goats) in an 8 hour shift production period. If there is sufficient market demand, there is possibility to do a second 8 hr shift during the night.

In addition to the above, the proposed abattoir will provide slaughtering and logistics services for traders who find market outlets for Ethiopian red meat but who do not have their own slaughtering and packing plant. The abattoir will charge a standard fee for the service. This service will depend on situations where JESH has fewer orders than the daily capacity of the plant and the availability of other markets that need slaughtering services only. This will be an additional service that does not exit currently in the country, despite the high demand of Ethiopian red meat. Hence, this service will provide an additional income stream when JESH has no confirmed orders.

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