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JESH PLC Farms and Assets.

JESH PLC has 335 hectares of prime farm land about 1k off the main asphalt highway between Babile and Jiggiga. This area is famous for natural fertile soils and abundance of livestock.

The largest livestock market is less than 20min away from the farm. JESH PLC abattoir facilities will be accommodated in the farm. A section of the farm totaling about 50 ha will be reserved as a barrier between the animal holding pens and the slaughter house facilities. Close to the abattoir will be grass cultivated land and cultivation of other crops such as maize and legumes to supplement the fodder. Another 60 ha of land has been cleared of bushes and is the site of construction of holding pens for about 45,000 small stock and upto 5,000 cattle when at full capacity. Construction of the pens is expected to start in June 2012. The remaining land will be reserved for grass and fodder cultivation as well as natural grazing of the animals in a rotational basis, particularly when the feed storage is full.

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